Got a loft conversion but still need space? How about a basement conversion?

Your loft conversion has solved space issues for a while but there’s no such thing as enough space. It’s high time to look into the opposite direction: downwards. In a previous article we showcased several amazing basement conversions the SDA Build London Team have created. Today we give you some more basement conversion inspiration on what you could do with that extra floor below your home.

Private club with a bar

Fancy VIP clubbing in Vegas? Skip the queues and the hassle of the trip and have your own nightclub as close as your basement. With soundproof walls, you don’t have to worry about the noise; you are free to enjoy the best DJ mixes without annoying the neighbours. It can be perfect for basement layouts where a window is not an option; with smart lighting solutions and a well-thought-out ventilation system it creates the perfect nightclub feeling. The club comes complete with poker, roulette and pool tables and (almost) bottomless drinks from the bar.

The coolest parents in town

No more trips to the closest shopping centre on a rainy day: your children can have their own indoor Adventureland in the basement conversion. Safely equipped with web climbs, soft blocks, tunnels and slides this can be the place for them to unwind and play with their friends while you are free to have some quiet time upstairs. Include a PlayStation and you will always know where to find your little (and bigger) ones.

The best gym

The basement is the ideal place to arrange your perfect gym in: with the workout machines best fitting your training needs and style. Add a flat-screen TV to stream fitness or yoga classes online and crown the training with a session in the sauna. With an en-suite bathroom and dressing corner installed you are ready to set off directly from the gym – fresh and energetic.

A flat in the flat

Creating its own external entrance the extra floor can serve as a self-contained unit for a nanny, regularly visiting relative or a teenager longing for more privacy. Basement conversions are also great for Airbnbs. Don’t think of the basement as a windowless, dark place. We can even convert it to the biggest floor of the house with an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen and a nice private garden.

A Wine Cellar


If vinery is your thing we can add a rustic wine cellar to your city home. Equipped with shelves to professionally store your valuable collection of bottles, a wine fridge, glassware sets in a stylish display case and a large table to sit around. Invite guests for a tasting or finish dinner there with a good cigar and a book.

Got excited about any of these basement conversion ideas? Let’s talk about turning your dream home into a reality – get in touch here!