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Interior Architects London

Whilst your architect is primarily concerned with the structure and integrity of your property, your home needs someone who can help with ‘how you live,’ in terms of planning the interior space, position of walls, where you should have doorways and windows and other areas that affect the use of the space. This is the job of the interior architect and our team has the skills and expertise to provide this specialist service. .

Our interior architect will work closely with your architect to evaluate the space for its intended function: what is its role? What is the logical workflow there? And does it integrate seamlessly into the building’s overall architecture and design? A TV room for example, has different requirements from the library and a home that has a home office has different requirements to a home that doesn’t.


  • Room Layout and intelligent use of space.
  • Lighting – how to maximise natural light and which rooms should get the maximum natural light.
  • Window placement.
  • Materials to be used for flooring or worktops or wall paper as examples.
  • Finishes for woodwork, doorways or architraves.
  • Electrical equipment - e.g. air conditioning wiring, media room wiring or Wifi hard wiring.
  • Plumbing requirements – e.g. additional sinks in kitchen or utility rooms, upstairs laundry room or underfloor heating .
  • Overall ergonomics of the home - how to make the home comfortable and safe for those that live in the home, e.g. taking into account the height of the owners, or whether there are small children in the home.
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Our team will work closely with you to understand how and why you live the way you do, in terms of space usage, discuss how you would ideally like to use the space and make recommendations on what we believe will be most beneficial for you and your family, keeping in mind what’s ideal, what’s practical and what you are ultimately comfortable with.

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