Home renovation do’s and don’ts for 2020

With 2019 coming to an end and the start of a new decade, it only seems right to reflect back and see what’s worked and what’s not in the world of home renovation and refurbishment. We’ve worked on several projects over the years and we’ve learned a few things that could help make the home renovation project just a little easier.  


If you are planning a big project whether it’s an extension, loft conversion or basement conversion, some handy do’s and don’ts might just be what you need to keep you on track and sane [Symbol] and happy with the end result.  


Before we start, we’d like to stress that there is no substitute for researching, planning and being organised. It’s the most important “do” when you set out on a home renovation project. And to help you with that, we’ve created this practical, customisable checklist. It’s essentially a detailed project management spreadsheet so that you can, at all times, stay completely on top of your project. 


Let’s get down to real do’s and don’ts… 




  • make sure you appoint an experienced builder, especially one who has worked in your local area.  A building company that’s worked in the local area, will know what to expect with regards to planning requirements.  
  • move out of the house if you can… it will make life much easier for your builder. We’ve worked with many clients who’ve chosen to live on the premises during the build. And that’s ok especially if it’s not a complete home renovation project. But it does make it difficult for both the building team and you to have to work around it and could delay the project.  
  • consider your privacy — the glazing choice may have an impact on how private your home is and how exposed you are to glances in from passersby and your neighbours. 
  • make decisions quickly and decisively. We’re not suggesting that you rush into making choices. All we’re saying is take decisions in a timely manner so that the project doesn’t get delayed.  
  • make sure the designer of your extension knows all about and allows for movement joints. With the generally dryer climate we have been experiencing in recent years buildings have been tending to move more. 
  • understand the effect that removing trees or roots will have on your ground conditions. 




  • keep changing your mind… It’s very hard as builders when clients change their mind mid-build. Not only does it delay things, but it can dramatically increase your cost. 
  • necessarily choose the builder or building company with the lowest quote. It’s better to choose someone whose work you’ve seen or one that’s been given a good reference by someone you know. 
  • add too many bedrooms and not enough bathrooms. A good rule of thumb is one bathroom for every two bedrooms, with an en-suite for every guest bedroom. 
  • forget about building control. Before any works begin, you will need to submit either a building notice or a full plans application to building control. 
  • get ahead of your budget… Be disciplined with your choices and be aware of what you can and cannot afford and where you are willing to cut costs. For example, you may have to choose between a thicker worktop or an expensive appliance in your new kitchen.  
  • get carried away by the latest trends, especially if this is a big project like an extension, conversion and any big project. Trends fade over time… opt for things you actually like.  
  • worry too much about the weather. As long as we don’t have too many snow days, we can work around the rain and cold. We have to. This is England [Symbol]. 


There are plenty of more do’s and don’ts we can share with you. But we don’t want to overwhelm you. We’d rather you  give us a call and let us work with you to get your project off the ground and completed in time and within budget.  


We have been working in the West London area for several years and are well-versed with the different types of home renovation projects across the city. Give us a call [Symbol] if you’d like to discuss your plans. We can be contacted on 0208 191 7595 or email us at to discuss how we can help.  


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