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Basement conversion - Swimming pool

Crabtree | Fulham


Our client, wanted to increase the living space in their home with a complete basement dig out for a swimming pool, cinema, utility room and boiler room with side and rear extensions for a dramatic kitchen and dining area, including glass roofs.

Build Duration: 52 weeks
Architects: Daniel Adeshile, Ade Architecture
Design: Karena Clayton, Colour Interior


This was a complex project as the house was on two levels, the rear being 1.5metres lower than the front. The basement therefore, had to be created on three different levels. Two levels followed the shape of the house with the third level being dug out for the swimming pool, at a depth of 5metres.

Our clients mentioned the lack of hot water as a constant problem. We therefore, installed a 500-litre mega flow system which, due to its size, had to be installed in the boiler room before the basement was closed.


Happy clients, with their dream home, encompassing a cinema room and a swimming pool in the heart of London. The result matched their vision of a home that was stylish, light, modern and spacious; built to a very high spec.

Basement conversion - Swimming pool

Finishing Touches

The property refurb also included a complete rewire and upgrade of systems to include an Integrated Home Automated System that could be controlled remotely or via apps for elements such as home security, blinds and TV & music systems.

The garden was also extremely important, integrating the outside with the inside. Artificial grass was laid and a patio area was created with walk on glass over the swimming pool.