Working with Sammy Ene at the Old Vicarage, Henley I was the architect engaged by Chris and Melinda at the Old Vicarage, Henley, for which Sammy Ene and Dumitru Tega were involved in the construction. The project was one year in construction, and had a works value of approximately £1m. Both Sammy and Dumitru come highly recommended.

I am happy to report that Sammy worked diligently throughout the contract, and worked hard to incorporate client changes and unforeseen arising on site. His construction skill and knowledge is excellent, and his work ethic makes sure work is done quickly and to a high standard Sammy understands the value of good working relationships between client and members of the design and construction team. This enables him to give a personal service which makes resolving issues greatly more fluid and enjoyable.

I have worked with many contractors in my capacity of architect and contract administrator, and I can confidently say that Sammy is one of the best. I wish him all the best in the future, and will certainly be bringing future projects to him. I only hope he is available!