The pros and cons of moving into your new home before a refurbishment

It can be very exciting to schedule and plan the design of your new property to make it your dream home. But is it better to wait until the home refurbishment is over or move in first and start that way? The SDA Build London Team are asked about this dilemma several times and obviously, there are pros and cons also depending on your situation.

Wait if…

… a full renovation is carried out

When you need a full home refurbishment with major structural modifications – like lowering the basement (or excavating a new one), replacing the roof, windows and doors, or a full rewire, – you simply have no other choice than waiting with the moving. These works can often take months or even a year to complete while the property is practically uninhabitable.

home refurbishment

Tip: Make sure you hire a contractor who organises weekly site meeting with you where you get updates on how things are going, you can have requests and enquiries and your questions are properly answered.

… you normally stay at home during the day

Even if the refurbishment is carried out in a secluded part of the property – like a bedroom or the conversion of the loft, – you could have good reasons to wait with the moving. The noise could be difficult to deal with if a family member is at home during the day with small children or working from home.

Tip: If you need to sell the previous property to buy the one to be refurbished try to rent a flat close to your own. This will give you the chance to check the site conveniently while still being undisturbed in your temporary home.

Move in if…

… you want to experience the space first

It can be overwhelming to decide on layouts, rooms and the rearrangement of the space when you see it only on paper (or on the computer screen). Moving in you will see for yourself which parts of the property get the most light, which room is quieter and where you spend the most time. It’s sometimes easier to make the right decision based on your own experience.

Tip: Pick a contractor who has the right team of professionals like architects, energy and lighting consultants who can give you expert advice on how you could make the most of the space (and your wishlist!).

… you design like a pro

Whether you are a professional interior designer or do it as a hobby experiencing the steps of a home refurbishment is a must. You can always keep your finger on the pulse and have an unlimited source of content for your Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Tip: Ask the contractor’s help in carefully scheduling works while the property remains habitable.

Whether you move in or wait you’ll need a professional contractor team with experience in home refurbishment. Speak to the SDA Build London team and let’s talk about turning your dream home into a reality. Get in touch here!