The SDA Difference: Delivering on Promise

The one thing that SDA Build London prides itself on, above all else, is our ethos. That’s why it’s proudly on display on our homepage!

That ethos – to strive for quality, value and sustainability – is driven by a simple principle – delivering on promise. We understand our clients place a lot of faith and trust in us to deliver not only on the work we set out to do, but to fully realise their dream into reality. We don’t ever take that responsibility for granted.

We offer a full service and advice in all areas of design.

SDA Build London has three distinct areas of practice that ensure your home or property is thoroughly cared for:

  • Building work
  • Architectural work and surveying
  • Interior design work

By being experts in all these areas, we are able to identify future issues well in advance of an issue actually occurring, and each and every decision we make is informed with forward-thinking.

A team of 12, led by one.

To meet the demands of our clients, the SDA Build London team consists of 12 people across all three areas of our business, with exclusive agreements with some of London’s finest specialists for any specific requirements. Yet the entire operation will always be managed by one project manager, ensuring clarity and ease-of-communication between a client and SDA Build London.

A track record for delivering on promise.

We feel our testimonials speak for themselves, but get in touch if you’d like to visit any of the projects we have showcased on the site, and we can make the arrangement!

SDA are one of the leading builders in South West London, specialising in the restoration, renovation and refurbishment of London homes. See our award-winning work and get in touch to talk about your property and how we can help you transform its value.